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Chef Suyaman for Unlock

By Aprile 25, 2024Luglio 9th, 2024No Comments2 min read

Unlock Brings Together Neapolitan Tradition and Nigerian Culture in an Exclusive Culinary Experience

Unlock is thrilled to announce a unique culinary experience that blends the vibrant energy of Neapolitan tradition with the rich flavors of Nigerian culture. From April 27th to the end of June, guests are invited to savor this exceptional fusion at Unlock.
This exclusive collaboration features the talents of the renowned Chef Suyaman, celebrated for his culinary expertise, professionalism, and warm humanity.

Limited Edition Offerings: For a limited two-month period, Unlock will offer a selection of special dishes and beverages, including:

  • Jollof Arancino
  • Pizza Africana
  • Zobo Cocktail and Mocktail

In addition, for the grand closing event, Unlock will proudly present the debut of Chef Suyaman’s unpublished creation, Zobo Beer.
Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience the harmonious blend of Neapolitan and Nigerian culinary traditions.

Nigerian Say:
Ewá Jẹun O

Is an invitation to eat.
Spoken in Nigeria by the Yoruba people,
“Ewá Jẹun O (pronounced Air Wa Jair Un Oh)
Whenever you are eating in front of someone who is not,
it is customary to invite that person to join you.
The person without the food could be a complete stranger
but you will still ask them to eat.
You will say come eat or “ewá jẹun.”
That person can actually start eating your food if they are really hungry,
or they will say, may it go down well, or “A gba bi re.”

July 1st 2024 \\ from Unlock Team:
“Thank you for your passion, Chef Suyaman, now we love Nigeria even more”!