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Cristina Belfanti + Dario Cattozzi. Unlock interior designers

By Febbraio 27, 2024Febbraio 28th, 2024No Comments2 min read

In the vibrant streets of Hackney, our architectural vision comes to life, a fusion of industrial aesthetic and urban sophistication, encapsulating the spirit of London with a nod to Italian design excellence.

Raw concrete surfaces permeated by the glow of purple neon lights pay homage to Hackney’s industrial roots, while sumptuous purple velvet curtains delicately delineate specific areas, adding a layer of exuberance to the industrial canvas. The design pays homage to the vibrant England’s purple color, creating a unique fusion of regal opulence and contemporary rock aesthetics.

An imposing, sculptural 10-meter-long bar in polished concrete stands as both the visual and experiential centerpiece, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a seamless encounter with Unlock’s expert mixologists. Here, design isn’t just aesthetic; it’s an invitation to engage, connect, and celebrate.

Our vision was to create a symbiotic relationship between Hackney’s eclectic and industrial vibe and the refined elegance of Italian design, showcasing a curated selection of vintage furniture from the 60s and 70s that seamlessly marries functionality with artistic expression.

From our design perspective Unlock is a place where London’s coolness meets the timeless elegance of Italian aesthetics embodying the visionary concept curated by its owners. This sanctuary for self-expression invites guests to appreciate local and Italian artistry and revel in the sheer joy of being themselves through the “Unlock yourself” motto. It serves as a cultural crossroads, a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity, and a celebration of life, design, and Neapolitan pizza.